Lingerie store

Adaptive layout (for all devices)

Placement of goods in different stores (availability in different warehouses)

Choosing a warehouse for pick-up.

Product Rating / Reviews.


Quick view

Watermarks with the ability to arrange in the right place on the photo.

Product Reviews

Store reviews

Bonus Program.

Video with additional photos in the product.

1 Click Purchase

Sale / Similar products / Additional accessories / You may be interested in

Product Filter. (popular filter selections)

SEO optimization.

Info page.

Import / export of categories and products on 1C / CRM website.

Payment systems.

Product Comparison.

Featured Products (defer products)

Product Sliders.

Discount system.

One Page Basket.

Callback Order / Online Consultant.


Stock Countdown Counter

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Category: Portfolio
Date: 15.05.2020