Portal of announcements auto goods, spare parts, service, services

Adaptive layout (for all devices)

Breakdown of service into different ad groups.

Choice of section, parking place, parking date, announcement.

Each category has its own search by parameters, different types of fields and search.

Ability to save previously selected search phrases / parameters to the user account.

The ability for sellers to create their storefront ad as a separate section.

Product / ad filter.

Categorization of parameters is declared in groups.

Seller’s auto-location on the map at the entered address.
(connected base of cities)

Manage your announcements through the LC (editing, closing, deleting, parking, choosing a parking place, categorization by sections, etc.)

User notifications about various info messages by mail.

When publishing, a mobile phone check is announced against a common database.

SEO optimization.

Info page.

Managing through LK saved: seller’s windows, search pages, selected announcements.
+ signaling about new changes in LK without reloading the page.

Own billing system. Bonus system.

Payment and deposit history.

Sharing in social networks, authorization and registration through social networks.

Protecting data from spambots.

Category: Portfolio
Tag: Portals
Date: 08.05.2020